A True Time Machine


There are three things in life that can take me back to a place in my past. Pictures, Music and Scents.   Some smells act like a “mini time machine” ~ hurling me back to some place in my past for an instant.  If I catch the scent of Shalimar Parfume, it evokes the vision of my mother.  She’s an attractive 30-something with short dark hair.  I see her sitting at her make up mirror dressed in black…..  

If you were around in the 80’s and old enough to enjoy John Hughs flicks, you were more than likely a fan of Polo Cologne.  Today the woodsy smell launches me straight to my own teenage wasteland.  Flashbacks of pimply faced boys, stone washed denim and the brown teddy bear, sitting atop my purple satin comforter, who had the honor of being doused in the scent. 

Here are some other scents that “take my breath away”… 

Johnson's Baby Wash

Reminds me of my babies!


Capri Blue Candles


Yum! Need I say more?


Moringa Body Butter is the only scent I wear


Rainy Sidewalks



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