Some Great Reward

As I’ve said before Step-Parenting has its challenges. Hands down, this commitment that I’ve made to my husband and stepdaughter includes more challenges than rewards. But though the rewards are few and far between when I catch one, it is utterly impossible to let it go…

Last night, we had a small personal issue with my step daughter’s Bio mom, which in turn meant she would not be seeing her for a while.  My SD’s disappointment covered her face as soon as I told her.  After dinner my SD asked to speak with me privately.  So we locked ourselves in my teenaged daughter’s room.  We jumped up on the bed and both sat indian style facing one another.  My SD started off with general chit-chat about school clothes shopping and then the topic quickly changed to her mother. I explained a bit more about the situation then tried to reassure her, the time would go quickly.  I then tried to redirect her to something to look forward to~ the school shopping again.   Later that night as I was working at my laptop, she came in and asked me something that I can’t remember now. She walked out only to turn right back to me again. She marched right up in front of my face with a huge grin and said, “Ri(my nickname to her), thank you for being such a good Step Mom!”

You can only imagine my reaction…..I will forever have that moment, that gift held in my heart.


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