Well, as Long as you’re only in his shoes…

My First Born Kors

My love affair with Michael Kors began like any good love affair does ~ at the beginning of Summer. Oh, don’t get me wrong~ I had seen him way before then, usually in the company of actresses, models and on the cover of magazines.  All along thinking he was out of my league.  I knew that if I were to start anything with him  – it would just get me into trouble with the hubby. 

One evening when we were shopping at The Rack, the temptation was just too much.   I spotted Kors across the shoe aisle and for half off! I ran hysterically through the store ,until I found my husband.  Out of breath, I explained my feelings and asked if he would mind Michael coming home with us.  After he saw the passion in my eyes he answered,  ” Well…Ok, as long as you are only in his shoes and still in my pants..”

Just bought these last week!

Pair these with neutral shorts,skirts or flowy pants

Pair these with Opaque tights for Fall/Winter


2 responses to “Well, as Long as you’re only in his shoes…

  1. Great shoes! I love MK too!

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