French Braids

Last night my 16 yr old daughter asked me to braid her hair before bed.  I couldn’t help but reflect back to the days when she was in Pre School.  Every morning it was a ritual, we would turn on a Disney movie and sit indian style on the floor together. I would softly run the brush through her hair.  The long brown hair fell all the way down her back. 

I would gather the long strands into three sections and begin to braid. I think it was therapeutic for both of us.  She would be so still, engrossed in The Little Mermaid or another fairy tale about a beautiful princess with long, flowing locks.  Once the band was secured at the bottom, she would turn to me and look up with the sweetest smile. Her rosy cheeks turned up and dark eyes shining.

Fast forward 12 + years…she has a boyfriend, is learning to drive and is looking into colleges. My gal only wears french braids to bed now.

But its times like this, I catch sight of her as My Little Princess.  A quick glimpse of her long french braid down her back, as she’s running away from me…


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