So, you say it’s your Birthday? Yes, and it lasts a whole week!

Birthdays are kind of big deal to me, so I tend to make them a week-long celebration! This one was no exception with the festivities starting up last Monday. The week went something like this:

Mon~Japanese food, wine and laughter with friends

Tues~ Recieved a tiny gift wrapped in blue paper and bows from my Step Daughter

Wed~Hubby home from Business Trip AND with a Box of Sees Candies!

Thurs~Chocolate Cupcakes in star-shaped tins~ sans icing and made by 8 small hands

Fri~An Orchid in the most shocking pink color, I’ve ever seen

Sat~(the big day) Another star-shaped cupcake, two room temperature Eggos,  dollop of jelly, glob of butter and  a banana.  Courtesy of those tiny hands again…simply one of the best breakfasts, I’ve ever tasted!

Sun~ Spent the day  feeding  brightly colored Koi, lunching at PF Changs and savoring frozen yogurt topped with fruit and mini marshmallows.  Oh, and I saved a red-eared slider from the beak of a Seagull!!

As I get older, I am gaining more wrinkles but I am also gaining more memories with people I love!


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