Five Lust- Over Items For Fall

Here are 5 items on my Fall Must Have List~

1.)These Cole Hann boots, I found at The Nordstrom Rack for one-fifth of the price they are at Bloomingdale’s. They are perfect for a night out, as well as a day at work. 2.) Jacqueline Rose of Lamixx designed this gorgeous “wool” Moto- Jacket for Fall. It’s featured in a local OC magazine coming soon and will be at Bludress at the end of the month.  3.)  Add a splash of color to the neutral looks of fall by accessorizing with these bright cuffs by H Studio. Add one or stack several to warm up your look.  4.) The eyebrow is the focus of the face, at the moment. This kit and Benefit Highlight Pencil are a must to make yours stand out. 5.) Finally, gray leggings by Lamixx are so soft and extra long to tuck into boots or scrunch up with colored tights and wedges.

Check back for my interview with Jacqueline Rose of Lamixx.  She is one of our favorite designers at Bludress.  We love that her designs are stylish, affordable, comfy and all made in the USA.

1.) Cole Hann Air Slip on Boots, Bloomingdales, $498.00 -OR-The Rack, $120.00

2.) Lamixx Moto Jacket, Bludress Boutique, $138.00

3.)H-Studio Acrylic Cuffs, Bludress Boutique ,$28.00

4.) Eyebrow Kit, Sephora, $35.00 and Highbrow Stick, $20.00

5.) Lamixx Long Grey Leggings, Bludress Boutique, $25.00

I hope this list was of help to you or at the very least, inspired you to create your own.  I would love to know what you’ve added to your Must Have List!


One response to “Five Lust- Over Items For Fall

  1. OMG, I’m so jealous that you got those boots. I think it’s time for me to head to the RACK!

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