Moonlight at the Ranch

With my going to NYC for Fashion Week and hubby leaving- literally a few hours after I returned, I had no time to prepare our costumes for Moonlight at the Ranch(Santa Paula‘s annual gala benefitting local Police and Firefighters).  This year’s theme was Roaring Twenties complete with Kevin Costner as Grand Marshall.  I wasn’t sure if we were going to dress up or not but at the last-minute, we threw some things together and we both turned out quite nicely.  I surfed the web, as well as pulled out several old photo albums of my grandmother’s and here is what I did to prepare my transformation:

Costume~Flowy dresses and knee-length coats, flowers in hair, pinned to jackets.  Close-toed shoes, tights, Hats and bags.  I had an old black dress and coat that were perfect, as well as my new Red, Mary Janes. I wore opaque, black tights by Hue and pinned a huge flower on my coat. I donned myself with a long, gold/pearl chain that belonged to my great-great Aunt.

Hair~If you have a bob, you are in luck!  Marcelle finger-curled bobs were “the” style. To recreate that look with long hair do this:  Section hair in three(one each side one in back.) ponytails.   Spray with hairspray and take small sections and curl each side, ponytail of hair.  Next, pin curl sections to sides of hair. Spray.  Now, take your back pony tail, comb hair and secure in three low ponytails. Twist each tail and wrap in 3 low buns, pin. Finish with hair spray and either a hat or twenties inspired headband like the Rhoda Band, I wore. 

Makeup~ Lots of powder, dark eyeshadow, pin-thin dark eyebrows and the crimson cupid bow mouth. I had so much fun with this part! The first tip, I learned was to take an eyebrow brush wet it and run it over bar soap. Then apply to eyebrows to flatten them down, so you can draw a super thin, dark line all the way to the temple. Next I used a cream foundation, as light a shade as I could pull off and dusted with translucent powder. I lined top and bottom lids with black liner and used a deep purple shadow working from inner corner to outer corner of my eyes(opposite of what we do now). Finished with curling lashes and  lots of black mascara. Last, I took a plum lip liner and made the perfect cupids bow and filled in.

Maybe some of you will be inspired to try this look for Halloween!


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