Another Balancing Act


{photo courtesy of bing images}


Tomorrow, starts my first day of implementing a family budget.   It is something I have started more times than I can count but, never fallen through with.  This time is going to be different.  I spent the past week using cash only and I have to admit, it was a bit of a trial for me.  I didn’t write any checks or use my debit card at all. I had an alloted amount of cash on hand and kept track of every dollar spent in my journal.   It really made me think twice before spending.  I made more lunches for the kids this week, didn’t buy that new book for my Kindle and was an extra frugal shopper during the one trip I did make to the market.  

Today, was “Back to School Night” and I had nothing planned for dinner.  Normally, I would’ve run up the street to Albertson’s and grabbed a Cooked Chicken for $8 along with Fresh Salsa – $4, Tortillas – $3, a Ready-Made Salad – $4 , Avocados – $3, Shredded Cheese~$4 and I’m sure grabbed a few other impulse items on my way to the check out line.  More than likely, I would’ve walked out of there with $40 less in my bank account.  Instead, I pulled out some ground beef from the freezer, the left over hot dogs from J’s Bday Party, the left over buns(that would’ve gone bad), Grapes and Carrots.  I found a box of Cornbread Mix and Banana Bread Mix in the cupboard and made both. The Cornbread for dinner and the Banana for breakfast in the morning.  The family gathered around the table and cleaned their plates.  It wasn’t the most nutritious meal I’ve ever made, but it worked for a night like tonight.   

I’m not going to lie. I have a long, winding trail ahead of me.  But, I am determined to make it to the end and I’ve already  got one week under my belt:)


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