My New Friend


{Photo Courtesy What's Cooking America}

Today, my new budget and I took our first trip to the grocery store together.   I was psyched to see how much I would end up saving, but also prepared that this trip might take longer than normal, with my new partner in tow.      

Our plan was fairly simple but a bit time-consuming:  

1.) Prepare a menu to get us through Saturday  

2.) Note ingredients needed 

3.) Clip coupons for above, make a final list and stick to it ! 

Once in the market, I took the time to read the price per unit on each item and also to verify that using a coupon was really going to save money.  For example, instead of automatically grabbing the item and required amount on the coupon, I stopped and took the time to figure out,  if the coupon was really the best deal.  I actually noticed that some of the “Name Brands” were the same price if not cheaper than the “Store Brand.” 

I didn’t save the $100 I was hoping to.  It was more like $60.  But I was still proud of myself and so was my new shopping partner;)  

What are some of your favorite tips to save money on groceries?


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