Organized Halloween, Part II

By cheri


I’ve been so excited to get our Halloween decorations out of storage since probably the 1st of September. Finally, the hubby brought the boxes home this past weekend and in no time, we had them unpacked, dusted off and on display. Each year we add a new, scary treasure to our collection and we also try our hands at a craft or two. Here are a couple, that I plan on attempting this season.

I love these simple black mice from Martha Stewart!


Martha’s Paper Mice are adorable and will be visible to “trick-or-treat-ers” from our front doorway.


Homemade By Sandra Lee has a TON of cute and simple ideas, like this spooky chandelier


No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Carving pumpkins is my least favorite part of Halloween. With these ideas from Real Simple, I can make the gourds festive without the “hoards of guts”

Lastly, I loved this idea from Martha Stewart for a “Deranged Arrangement”. First get a bunch of Faux White Roses(preferably in a black vase) and a bag or two of black plastic spiders/snakes. If you can’t find black snakes, simply use black acrylic paint. You can anchor snakes with floral wire tied around their middle and pushed into the vase. Next, secure the bugs onto the rose petals using permanent glue. If you wish to glue any of the bugs to the outside of the vase you can use poster putty. It’s that easy!

I’ve decided to turn this two part series into a three-part one. Come back next Thursday for some ghoulishly good treats!

Cheri Iadevaia


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