Just Add Sparkle


{Sparkly Spiders made from small bells~ Pure Life & Home}

Today, at Pre School, my 4-year-old learned about spiders. They painted pictures of spiders, they did “marble art” of a spider and they made an actual spider web out of yarn. All of this spider-talk reminded me of Pure Life and Home.  I had read on Facebook that they were carrying some sparkle spiders for Halloween.  The key word here is – sparkle.  Add sparkle to anything Halloween and it instantly turns something freak into something chic for me. 

They were more adorable than I had envision. Partly because they were made from small bells and also because they were priced at $3 each! I wanted to browse more but had two small kids pulling on my arms. Art Walk is this weekend and I look forward to returning to Pure to soak up some more of their Halloween Spirit.

{Photo Courtesy of Pure Life and Home}


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