Warming Up To Fall

(Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart)


Though the calendar clearly reads November, it has felt like June here for the past week.  I got a jump on my fall wardrobe back in August and still have yet to wear my vintage sequined blazer or Cole Haan Boots.  The pretty, well- endowed weather girl promises “rain is on it’s way along with cooler temperatures!”, But I won’t hold my breath or pull out my Dav Rain Boots just yet.

In the meantime, I am packing away the Halloween Decorations and pulling out the Fall ones.  Here are a few ideas to make your home feel more like fall and less like summer.

1.) Scoop up any left-over pumpkins from Halloween and  spray paint them in a metallic color to ease into Fall Decor – think coppers, bronzes.

2.) Bring the outside in.  This Sunday, I plan on a walk with the kiddos to collect leaves, pine cones and acorns  Again, keep that metallic spray paint handy to jazz up your natural treasures.

3.) Usually, with the change in seasons, Target stocks a festive throw blanket. They are priced well and make a cozy and decorative addition to your sofa.

4.) Every November,  I purchase a Cinnamon Witches Broom from our local Albertsons. I store it in the plastic and  open it partially each week.  I keep it right inside the front door to greet guests with a scent of Fall.

5.) String up leaves you’ve collected from outside along your fireplace mantle or scatter them freely across the top of your fireplace.

Fingers crossed that the weather has cooled by my next post.


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