Abre Los Ojos

To escape the inevitable frustration from my football team’s latest loss, I retreated to my bedroom last night, for some comfort in another form of entertainment television.   I stumbled upon the Cameron Crowe film, Vanilla Sky .  It is one of those movies some of us don’t get the first go around. We watch it again and again and then we Wikipedia it.  Penelope Cruz is simply intoxicating in her role of Sophia.  She’s beautiful, smart and makes Tom Cruise’s character re-think his hedonistic lifestyle, by saying things like, “Every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around.”  and “I’ll tell you in another life when we are both cats.” —
The original was a Spanish film titled, Abre Los Ojos or Open Your Eyes. Those three little words are the first you hear in the movie and turn out to mean more than the viewer first perceives.  Penelope Cruz actually,  reprises her role of  Sophia.  Cameron Diaz is Julie and just may surprise you with her intense performance of Cruise’s casual girlfriend.  Lastly, the soundtrack is right on with artists like REM, Radiohead, The Chemical Brothers and Thievery Corporation.    When you rent the DVD make sure and watch all the extras.  I promise you will fall in love with this movie and Sophia-who I would choose to be in my next life(in lieu of a cat, that is).

(Monet's Vanilla Sky, perhaps)


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