Our Own Eden


We are heading out to our piece of heaven, for the holiday.  It will be somewhat bittersweet this trip, as only half of our family will be in tow.  There really is no other way to explain it, but I feel as if I’m leaving half of my heart behind.  Sharing the holidays is one of  the many draw backs to a blended family.  I will try and look on the bright side and take this time to  relish, having my husband and little one all to myself .  Roman will get our undivided attention and the travel and house will be less hectic than the norm.   On these trips, we usually “re group”.   There is just something magical about the scenery and being in the soft embrace of a slower lifestyle.  Upon our return, I feel refreshed with a new zest for my life. 

I anticipate cooking in the open kitchen, while viewing the frozen lake and snow-capped mountains, cuddling in our bed made out of logs,  I will be reading a lot, and plan to take up an old hobby this trip – knitting.  Cali inspired me last week, when she came home from her mom’s with a ton of yarn and a crocheting needle.  It reminded me how my mom and I used to knit together, when I was a child.


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