Homemade Holiday Gift Tags

(gift tag software, cardstock, decorative paper, scissors, glue stick)

Each year as the holidays approach, I plan on baking, creating ornaments and maybe even a gift or two.  And every year, the 25th creeps up on me faster than I can say, “Martha Stewart’s Christmas Issue“.  Thank heaven I stumbled upon these Gift Tags.  They are simple, yet will add a charming touch to our gifts.     

(make stencils from decorative paper)

Materials needed:

*white cardstock

*decorative scrapbook paper

*glue stick

*hole punch



I found a gift tag program on Word. I printed them out on blank cardstock.  Then, I cut out the tags and glued them to the backing I made out of decorative paper.  Next, I punched a hole and finished with tying ribbon through.  Please note~ I used scallop shaped scissors to cut out the tags in order to hide my inability to cut in a straight line.

(finished gift tags, vintage santa ornament)

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