Trending Now~Romantic Ruffles

I first found ruffles intoxicating back in the 80’s when they turned up on all five members of Duran Duran.  I spent my weekends at the mall, searching out  any pieces to add to my pre-teen wardrobe, that could be tied in a bow.  But, as with all good things~ ruffles had come and gone just about as quick as Simon’s bleached out ‘do and Nick’s eyeliner.  Fast forward, a few decades and guess what? Ruffles are back!   But, this time around-they are only for the ladies and aren’t just popping up on blouses and dresses.  They are also making feminine statements on shoes and bags.   I have a new found appreciateion for their fluttery details, now that I’m in my thirties~ they are perfect for hiding figure flaws.

1.) Ruffled Heels, Top Shop
2.) Ruffled Scarf, Etsy, $18

3.) Black Dress, Down East Basics, $40

4.) Silk Blouse, Anne Klein, Macy’s, $59

5.) Bow Dress, James &Joy, Blu Dress $50

6.)Ruffled Purse, Forever 21, $18

7.) Tube Top, VaVa, Blu Dress $40


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