A Perfect Day for Pinks & Reds

{Natalie looks stunning in her pink/red combo}

As a young girl, one of my pet peeves was when other little girls would wear pink and red together.  Pink socks with red shoes.  Pink t-shirt with red pants.  It drove me nuts.  I couldn’t fathom how they thought the two similar colors went well together.  But, then a few years back something unexplainable happened and now I find the combination utterly romantic.  Evidently, those little girls were on to something.  This is the perfect day to pair the two and prepare to feel gorgeously feminine. Happy Valentine’s Day!

{pink, red, edible}

{this would look lovely above my celery-colored couch}

{love this simple pink dress with the floral wrap in reds}

{if I had a little girl today, I would so dress her in this}

{and my #1 favorite pink and red combo}


**photo credits due: people.com,cakecentral.com,etsy.com,jodibwise.com,wonderfuldress.com and christianlouboutin.com


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