Year of the Peacock~

{I'm sure this plate, would make anything taste beautiful}

I’ve been intrigued by Peacocks, as long as I can remember. Their feathers are magical and their calls are haunting.  As of late, these birds have been popping up on everything from clothing to jewelry.   Just recently actress, Rachel Bilson designed a collection of dinnerware inspired by Peacocks for Macy’s.  Each piece of  “Edie Rose” is reasonably priced at $12 to $67.  And since our set of dishes has just started chipping after a short 7 years of use, I think I may just find myself at Macy’s this weekend. 

{I think the entire set is "calling" my name}

{My favorite hue~}

{These would look adorable just about anywhere}



One response to “Year of the Peacock~

  1. I also loves peacocks! I just made a masks out of peacock feathers for Mardi Gras 🙂

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