Online Shopping~My husband Actually Supports!

I’m often asked~ how I do “all the things” I do.  My thoughts are that  everyone is busy.  We all have our schedules and tasks to keep on top of.  However, I do find myself constantly looking for ways to save time and be more efficient.  With that said, I like to  enlist a little help from my friends.  One of my dearest girlfriends, Christine stopped by the shop a few months ago and shared with me one of her time-saving tips. She grocery shops at  She believes that the site not only saves her time, but money, as well.  Though, I never really loathed going to the grocery store(in fact I actually enjoyed it), I would find myself buying way too many impulse items(i.e. 6 bags of the 2 for 1 Oreos). It was also beyond frustrating, when I would leave home without my list or coupons.  On average I spent a minimum of $200/week.   With I have reduced my spending by $50 a week and that includes free delivery.  

I plan my menu and open my shopping cart on Monday.  That way~items are added, as I remember them.   Saturday is when I finalize my shopping, this includes double checking my list, deleting any unnecessary items from my cart(keeping the total as close to $150 and not much higher), and adding the promo code to insure free delivery.  I schedule my delivery time for Sunday morning. 

Here are the pros and cons for me and now for you, too!


Stay on budget(no more pesky impulse buys)

Save time and gas(shop right from your laptop)

Shop at your leisure(I add to my cart throughout the week)

Free Delivery(as long as you follow promos)

Order as many bulk items as you like(and the Vons delivery guy hauls them right inside your kitchen)!

No tipping necessary(they don’t accept tips)

You can send those pesky plastic grocery bags back with the driver

It is easy to see the price per unit/oz when you are shopping~which makes it simple to get the best deal!


Once you hit Submit that’s it~there’s no way of going back(as far as I know) if you forgot something or didn’t enter your promo code, your stuck.

Delivery time is a 1 to 2 hour window~so, you need to choose yours carefully.  The driver will not leave your groceries at your house without you there.  

As you can see, the pros for me~ far outweigh the cons. I am anxious to know if this works for you, too!


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