Girl Crush~Natalie Portman

What is a beautiful woman in Hollywood nowadays? Is it the one with the biggest breast implants?  Is she the girl who makes her 15 minutes of reality tv last a bit longer? Or is she some overrated teen queen who we pray can manage her life past the age of 25?  Well, my definition of a beautiful woman is one who has more to offer than a “pretty face”.

  I feel, like I have watched Natalie Portman grow up before my eyes.  The first movie I saw her in was  Anywhere But Here alongside, Susan Sarandon. I was impressed to say the least.  Natalie must have been only about 15 or so, but had no problem commanding her scenes alongside Sarandon’s ever-strong presence.  Being a bit of a Star Wars freak, I was far from disappointed to learn Portman would be playing Luke and Leia’s mother, Princess Amidala in the next round of the saga.  In 2006, she shaved her head to appear in V is for Vendetta and she was as striking, as ever.  Fast forward~10 years,several movies and stage plays along with a degree from Harvard -later and welcome Black Swan.  Natalie has once again impressed the hell out of me.  Her vulnerability and naive sexuality in the film are thrilling to watch.  The way she explored the pure innocence of her character along with the dark, sultry side that I believe each woman holds, was brilliant.   Natalie Portman is completely mesmerizing from the inside out.  A True Definition of the word~Beautiful.

{She was about 20 when she filmed V is for Vendetta}


{I think every woman has a bit of a" black swan" side to her}


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