Why Not Dress Like The French?

{Wear an oversized black hat like~Bardot}

Every few years, I feel my style evolves.  And lately, it seems that I’m dressing more “grown up”.  I shop less often but, when I do~it’s for better quality pieces.  In lieu of heading to Forever 21 and buying 5 tops, I now will save that $60 and put it towards one timeless piece.  I feel the blouse will be better made and with its classic cut, become a lifetime staple in my wardrobe.  With this being said, I have turned to French Women for inspiration.  I have found that the Mademoiselles dress impeccably but, in an effortless way.  Here are a few tips, I am stealing from them~

*In France you won’t see women running around town in sweats or loungewear(they save those outfits for home and the gym).

*If they wear jeans they pair them with boots, heels or ballet flats.

*Solid Neutrals in classic pieces never go out of style and are worth spending the extra money on. 

{Why not try a messy bun today?}

{Add some red tights?}

{Wear stripes!}

{Black boots with dark leggings}


**Pictures courtesy of Allure, sofeminine,cupofjo and how-to-messy-bun


2 responses to “Why Not Dress Like The French?

  1. I had a home in France for five years and it’s so true about never seeing French women in sweats.

  2. Wow, so lucky Justine! I’m jealous ❤

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