Meatless Monday ~


Since I’m an advocate for Meatless Mondays and a lot of my friends seem to ask me for recipes sans meat~I am going to post one each Monday, here.  I also believe Lent is quickly approaching~so, be sure to check back every Monday for a new recipe to experiment with, if you are giving up meat.  

Macaroni and Cheese has been a comfort food in my home forever.  No, I’m not talking about the Kraft kind.  Homemade is the only way to go.   This recipe from Jessica Seinfeld‘s first book and you can find it  here(remember you can substitute the purees for baby food, to save time).  Add some steamed broccoli and you have a pretty, healthy meal~that has made a difference not only to your health, but  the environment and maybe even your beliefs. 


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