Gentle Reminders

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Last week’s tragedy in Japan has left us all pretty shaken.  I find my mind racing with “what ifs”, as well as a constant sadness for the victims.   Though I can’t control what happened or what may happen, I’ve decided to prepare.   Here are a few things that I am doing to help get us through this horrible time.

1.) Donate.  I contacted our local Red Cross in Camarillo to ask if they are accepting any clothing/shoe donations.  They are not, but you can make a monetary donation here.  Souls 4 Shoes is a charity that  accepts donations and accepts gently used foot wear.  Read more about them here.

2.) Alleviate~ some of your worries by being prepared.  The Red Cross has some tips here.  I am in the middle of preparing a personal plan for our family~which includes my ex-husband and my stepdaughter’s mother.  Also, I have started adding non perishables a little at a time to my weekly grocery list to keep on hand in case of a disaster.

3.) Appreciate.  Appreciate your life.  Your family and the country we live in.  Life is unpredictable.  Savor each moment and be kind.  Be kind to strangers, animals and even those people who bug the hell out of you.  Life is too short to be nasty to others  because of a difference in  beliefs.


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