Warm Weather Crushes~

I have recently discovered 3 really great products that I make sure to fit into my beauty routine right now and I wanted to share.
Loreal‘s Sublime Bronze Tanning Cream~Though I have used this for years, it seems Loreal has perfected this product, yet again(note the word:NEW on label).  I apply it daily after my shower, until the desired darkness is acheived.  Then~ just twice a week to keep that color. So simple and the look is so natural.  I took the last few months off and used it for the first time yesterday.  My husband commented on how much sun I got over the weekend(can you say, Beauty Secret?).     Available: drugstores for under $10
 Laura Mercier‘s Tinted Moisturizer spf 20~ I’m no stranger to Laura Mercier and her amazing products.  I have been faithful to her  Tinted Moisturizer in Fawn forever.    But, Sephora was out of it last shopping trip~ and so I was forced to try the Illuminating version in Natural Radiance.  This is just as great as my old favorite but has added shimmer that wakes up my face and evens out my skin tone.  I wear it alone during the day and under my foundation at night.  It is pricey, but well worth it.  Available~ Sephora, $42


Essie Nail Polish; French Affair~ Lastly, Essie Polish was ony available at Beauty Supply stores, for the last 20 years or so but seems to have gained huge popularity as of late.  It can now be found at Target and CVS.  It’s not the longest lasting polish I’ve ever worn and only lasts about 2 days for me.  But it goes on smoothly, the colors are diverse and the names rock(which is what I love the most!).  This light color is the perfect compliment to a tan.  Also. as it begins to chip, I feel I can get away with an extra day before reapllying or changing the color.  Available everywhere now~$8

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