A Family Favorite~Popcorn & M&Ms

{Original M&M's are the best}

 I was first introduced to this sweet and salty mixture back in Jr High at my best friend’s house.   And it has been my go-to snack ever since.  We eat it religiously on family movie night and pretty much any other time someone screams, “Popcorn and M&M’s!”  I’m not sure if it’s the aroma of the popcorn filling the house or the fact M&M’s seem to be everyone’s favorite candy.  But, I think the kids find a sense of comfort in “our” special snack and I hear a bit of pride in their voice when they introduce friends to it.  Orginally, I made it with microwave popcorn but in recent years have switched to Organic Whole Kernel and our stove top.  

{Just cover the bottom of a pot with Canola Oil and add Popcorn}


{Sprinkle a bit on uncooked kernels then a bit more after popping}



Our family cannot have one without the other!}

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