Vintage Treasures~

{this belt buckle was made in france & given to me by my great, great has some lavender thread entwined on the back, that I refuse to remove...}

  This week has really flown by.  I barely crossed anything off my  To Do List.  And I feel an even busier weekend ahead(with my new job and hubby’s bday celebration).  It’s times like these, I feel the need to retreat to my bedroom for some quiet time. Last night, I did just that and found myself reveling in some old treasures passed down to me over the years.  Here are a few of my favorites..

{sterling silver and turquoise cuff from my great~grandmother}


This pocket watch is from the 1800’s and was given to my grandmother by a boyfriend of hers when she was a teenager.  It still works!


One response to “Vintage Treasures~

  1. Those are some very special pieces there. I locked all my jewelry in my safe and my baby somehow lost the key 😦

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