Long on Style~


In the 80’s, I had a Tank Dress. It was in a sky blue(to show off my summer tan) and I specifically remember wearing it to see Top Gun with my BFF, Diana.  I wore the dress with huge gold hoops and espadrilles.  Not bad style for a 15-year-old(in the 80’s nonetheless).  Fast~forward 30 years and tank dresses are back in full-force.  Nowadays, I love the ease of a good quality tank dress and how with a few choice accessories they can go from a day running the kids around in flip-flops~ to a sunset dinner(add a wood cuff, slim belt and wedges).  Top with a pair of Aviators(yes, thanks again Top Gun) and a cross-over body bag to complete the look. 

1.) H&M; $24.95

2.) Calvin Klein; $159.00

3.) Betty B.;$20.00
4.) The Gap; $39.95

5.) Lucky; $49

6.) Alice & Olivia; $236.00


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