Friday Thoughts~OC Fashion

What can I say? I’m a Housewives Junkie.  OC, NY, BH, NJ~ Love them!  Is it the clothes? Cars? Homes? Or the simple fact, one episode is like a month in therapy.  No matter, how crazy I think my life is at times, a quick tune into BRAVO and I suddenly feel serene. 

 Alexis is certainly not my favorite housewife on OC.  But when she wore this dress on her husband’s vacation(ha ha) to San Diego a few episodes back, I instantly fell for it.  And  imagine my surprise to learn that it’s by none other than~ Alexis Couture.  Though, I didn’t find it under the “Couture” button on her site. It was the only item under the “Casual” one.  It’s also the only dress under $100!

Did I mention, she’s also the model for her line?  That’s right~ God First, Jim Second, Alexis’ I mean..Kids Third…


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