Flashback Friday~ Pretty in Pink

With all the talk of prom over the last few weeks, I  couldn’t help but reflect on my very, favorite Prom Movie Scene.  John Hughes‘, Pretty in Pink.   Back in the 80’s, Molly Ringwald was my “it” girl.  I cut and died my hair red, became obsessed with everything vintage and of course, those lips.  If collagen had been a fashion staple back then, well….I would’ve wanted it badly.

Pretty in Pink is about a girl from the “wrong side” of the tracks vying for the attention of the boy from the “right side”.  And in the last scene of the movie, you guessed it~ she gets her guy.  It went something like this..

Andi decided, last-minute to finish making her dress and head to her Senior Prom solo.  She wanted to show “them” they could not break her.  She was relieved to see her bff, Ducky once she arrived and they entered arm in arm.  OMD‘s iconic love song,  If You Leave, plays softly in the background.  Blaine spots Andi and exchanges a few words with Steph about his obsession with her(love James Spader, as a bad boy).   Then Blaine saunters over to Andi and whispers “I love you… Always(sigh),”  as he exits the prom.    She gets Ducky’s blessing and chases Blaine out into the misty night only to find him getting in his BMW, she runs over and they clumsily but passionately kiss. THE END.

I’m happy, this movie still has a huge following today and even my 17-year-old daughter loves it.  But thank God, she isn’t as obsessed by Molly(and her lips), as I was at her age.


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