Making and Appreciating Family Memories

{an eve of bocce ball may/11}



To settle in after dinner last night, I decided to pull out some old, home videos.  We started in 2003(when we only had 3 kids ages 2-9) and after 2 hours finished up in 2007(with 4 kids 1-13). Between the scenes of school plays, temper tantrums, snowball fights and holiday gatherings, I think we all felt this was a great way to kick-off our summer.  We munched on Popcorn and M&M’s, while laughing at bad hair and baby voices.

As, I tucked everyone into bed, and we each giggled about our family movies, I couldn’t help but think we all felt quite bonded after our evening.  Personally, it reminded me of where we’ve been as a family and how much more we have to look forward to.  My advice, video tape as much as you can of your children, pets and home. And if you do so, on a smart phone~ be sure to back it up weekly. And most important~ make time to watch them!!!


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