An App a Day


In an age where we use our phones for everything from communicating to planning our day, I thought it fitting to share some of my favorite apps.

1.) Cozy Calendar~This is where I plan everything from my shopping lists to organizing my days and even keeping a family journal complete with pictures.
2.) Carmindy~ Carmindy is my favorite makeup artist and can be seen on TLC’s What Not To Wear. Her app is a great tool for creating different makeup looks with  step by step tutorials, along with videos and product guides.
3.)Evernote~ The possibilities are endless, but so far I use this to hold Roman’s art work. I snap photos of it with my iPhone and save to a file in Evernote.
4.) Real Simple~ My favorite magazine is also one of my favorite apps.  There are lists and tips for organizing, cleaning, household planning,travel and style.
5.) Ebay~For anyone who sells or buys on Ebay this is a must.  I can list my items straight from my phone, as well as keep my eye on other’s listings and even bid!
6.) Kindle~ I can read any book from my Kindle library
7.) Snapfish~Upload pictures from your photo library straight to your Snapfish account.
8.)SitorSquat~ Need a bathroom? Now you can find one in no time.
9.) Instagram~ Snap photos and make them look really groovy.
10.) Directv~Forgot to set a recording for your favorite show? If you are a Directv customer, take care of it straight from your phone.

What apps can you not live without?


4 responses to “An App a Day

  1. Thanks for the tips Cheri. I did sign up for the Cozi calendar but I am so unorganized I always forget to use it. Lily broke my Ipad and the old i phone I have is terrible for seeing the apps ; (

  2. I LOVE Yelp, and Hautelook. Kayak is also great when you’re trying to make travel arrangements on the go.

  3. Oh no! A broken IPAD 😦 Let me know, what you think of Cozi…it takes some practice to make it a habit, but works well!

  4. Lauren, I will check out Kayak and I get emails from hautelook but haven’t used the app, yet. Thanks for the tips!

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