Vacation Plans

Even though, I visit Utah several times a year~ I feel like I have missed out on a few of the simple pleasures it has to offer. So, I’ve compiled an arrangement of a few things I want to experience during the next two weeks.

1.) Antique Shopping. I am going to scour the multitude of shops here in Northern Utah for exclusive, treasures to add to my home.  Specifically~ antique mirrors.

2.)Material Shopping.  I have yet, to use the sewing machine, I purchased a month ago.   So, with that said~ I am taking full advantage of the lull in my schedule to begin this new endeavor.  And I think Ogden, is the perfect place to search for rare fabrics.

3.) Fishing. I haven’t picked up a pole since I was 13(when my family relocated from California to the Ozarks).  And the catfish I caught, went straight into our cooler(after I frantically dumped out all of the contents) that I filled with lake water.  Once home, he became a resident of our pond.  Today, I still hold that same sympathy towards fish.  The lake is across the highway and I think the quiet, stillness of the water infused with the birds chirping and warm sun on my back is just what the doctor ordered for a tranquil vacation(even if my blood preassure spikes for a bit, as I struggle to throw the fish back).

4.) Writing. Lastly, I am using this time sans cable to write a blog post for Real Simple Magazine. They are having a contest, that I’ve committed to enter.  And I think the simple surroundings of the lake mixed with mountains are the perfect backdrop for subtle inspiration.

I love getting away from our daily schedule. And though I may not complete everything on this list, I am so thankful to have a place to retreat to and reconnect with my mind, body and spirit.


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