Ducks in a Row(re-post)

As my girls prepare to fly home tomorrow(so, they can spend time with their other parents), leaving myself and the 3 boys here in Utah, I find myself with mixed emotions.  On one hand, I’m looking forward to the peacefulness that is sure to appear, as the two girls(ages 10 and 17)  depart.  But on the other, I will miss having my complete family all cozy and under one roof.  I couldn’t help but reflect back to this post I wrote in 2009.  Though, our lives have changed since then(Hanah moved in full-time with us in Jan 2010), I know the feelings I share here will be with me over the upcoming week. And when we all gather around the dinner table next Monday, I will be thankful to have all my little ducklings with me.

Having four kids is sometimes a bit hectic, to say the least. They go to 4 different schools(Pre-school, Elementary, Jr High and High School). So, I drive, cook and clean more than the average mom. The noise level in the car and house score pretty high on the decibel charts. Sometimes I think they sound like a flock of angry ducks quacking away!

But twice a month there is serenity. Every other weekend we are a party of three. I find myself looking forward to these weekends for a number of reasons. First off, there is less noise. The house stays cleaner than normal. I am more at ease, I feel I have more patience. But, most importantly, Roman gets all of Mommy and Daddy’s attention for two whole days!

Our weekend starts out with lazy mornings huddled in bed. We watch TV and snuggle. There is no “have to” on these weekends. We go with the flow. We take our time getting ready. I might go on a run while daddy and Roman work in the garden. Elmo and I try to plan the day, but we usually do half of what we plan and let the rest go. We like to eat lunch out while running errands together. We watch Football. We talk. Giggle. Play. And WE NAP.

Roman lives a charmed life. His little world consists of him, Mommy and Daddy. He isn’t shuffled between two different houses. He doesn’t have to ask when he will see Daddy next. Who gets him on what holiday. And for this I am proud. One of the greatest joys I have or will ever experience is raising our child with my husband.

Sunday evening comes all too quick. I usually make a nice dinner and we three sit around the table. We savor every bite because we know with each one – our peaceful weekend is coming to an end.

But as I serve dessert, I look around the table at the three empty chairs. Our family is not complete. I feel a part of us is missing.

It’s Monday afternoon and I have just picked up the fourth child from school. Hanah is in the front seat singing to a song on the radio. Jonah is right behind me trying to share his day while Cali and Roman are playing Rock Paper, Scissors. It’s loud. “What’s for dinner?” “Hanah, change it back!” “Roman hit me!” I take a deep breath, reflecting on my quiet weekend. Then smile to myself and feel very lucky to have all four of my little ducklings back home and under my wing


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