Ch Ch Ch Changes

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 Last week, at the start of our vacation, I was diagnosed with gallbladder problems.  I was shocked to say the least.  I consider myself a pretty, healthy eater and the fact that a diet high in fatty foods is one of the causes, made me feel a bit embarrassed. Upon further research though, I discovered that anything from being female to taking the birth control pill may cause problems.  In any event, I’ve decided my first choice isn’t surgery to remove the gallbladder, but that I try to treat it holistically.  To combat the attacks,  I need to rid my diet of foods high in fat, as well as a few other culprits.   Here are some of the changes, I am making to my eating habits…

Olive Oil~ I threw out oils such as Canola/Vegetable and am only using Olive oil to cook with.  Even though it contains the same amount of calories, as it’s chemically produced counterpart, it is a healthy fat and plus Sofia Loren swears it’s one of her beauty secrets.

There will be no more fast food drive-thrus in a bind or pizza nights.  This change will benefit my whole family, but will more than likely result in an uprising by my children.

Gluten-Free Diet~ It seems this phrase has been everywhere, as of late.  This star is “GF Free” or that friend is, etc…etc..  I couldn’t help but be reminded of the Atkins or some other fad diets, when seeing “gluten-free”.  But upon further research, it is the healthiest way for me to eat and I am proud to say~I am jumping on the “GF” bandwagon.

No onions~ These  have been the biggest culprit in my gallbladder issues and have resulted in the worst attacks.  So, with all the tears I have shed over these little guys(dicing included).  I am not too sorry to see them go. 

Flax Seed Oil~ the benefits are bountiful in this little seed.  I take a tablespoonful a day and still incorporate this way of cooking seen here with the grain itself.

Vegetable Juices~to be consumed daily

Warm Water with Lemon~First thing in the morning, before my coffee.  Coffee is supposed to bring on attacks, but I have yet to have one after my daily cup.  So, fingers crossed…

When we return home, I am going to meet with Ema Salmon of Ema’s Herbs in hopes she will be able to help me even further.  If any of you have any questions or tips for me, please let me know!


2 responses to “Ch Ch Ch Changes

  1. We could all be benfitted by making these changes. It would cure the obesity problem too.

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