Bright Ideas

I’m constantly searching for ways to make life simpler and do my part to help the environment by finding new uses for old items.  Recently, I came across a few great tips I wanted to share~

photo courtesy of

1.) Bread Tags as Cord Labels~ Take the tags from bread, tortillas, etc and label with a sharpie(computer, charger, light switch, etc)use them to keep track of your electrical cords while they are plugged in.

 2.) Recycle light bulbs into vases as  seen here and here.

and my very favorite…

artwork courtesy of roman

3.) Recycle your children’s artwork~ I can’t remember where I read this but call your local retirement home and ask if you can mail your children’s artwork to some of the residents.  What a wonderful feeling to give a ray of sunshine on what may be an otherwise gloomy day to someone…



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