Wednesday’s Woman~ Salma Hayek

One of the simple pleasures of being somewhere with no cable, is catching up on movie rentals.  Last night, we rented Grown Ups.  I’m a huge Adam Sandler fan and was even more excited when I saw that Salma Hayek played his wife.  The movie was cute and a good choice for all four of us.  Salma Hayek is one of those actresses that seems to become more beautiful and inspiring with age.  She began her career as a Mexican soap star, then transformed into  Hollywood movie star, producer, Oscar nominee, red-carpet diva and a very candid activist.   If all that isn’t enough,  she can also sing and is involved in numerous charities, primarily those geared towards women and children.   

**Added bonus~ loving the fact she is a mom now…and she’s still as sexy as ever!



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