Flashback Friday~ Paulina

To me~ Paulina epitomizes the word Supermodel.  As a young girl growing up in the 80’s, she was everywhere I wanted to be.   I First spotted her in the Car’s video for their haunting song, Drive.  She played a young woman, struggling with her own demons and without uttering a word, she made a huge impact on my teenaged heart.   The 5’11” beauty graced countless magazine covers and at the age of 18, she was the first woman from Eastern Europe to appear on the cover of Sport’s Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition.  In 1989, she and Car’s front man Ric Ocasek married and went on to have two children.  They will be celebrating their 22nd wedding anniversary this month.  Paulina has acted, written and directed.  Most recently has appeared on Dancing With The Stars and  Project Runway~ where she was fired on her birthday due to her “ego problem”.  Rumor has it, Tyra may be the one with the ego problem.

“Nothing ages as poorly as a beautiful woman’s ego,” says Paulina Porizkova

Other “supermodels” should have taken a cue from the way Paulina Porizkova handled her fame.  She traveled fashion’s fast lane- less like the hare and more like the tortoise~slow and steady.  And I can honestly say, I still want to be where Paulina is.


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