Courtney Nelson of Fit N’ Fine Fitness

I’m very happy to announce our first official Wednesday’s Woman~ Courtney Nelson.  If you are not yet familiar with her fitness studio Fit N’ Fine then you should probably plan on attending her next class after reading this article.  I had the pleasure of meeting Courtney last year through mutual friends.  After, getting to know her I decided to attend one of her fitness classes.  Myself and about 6 other women, kids in tow met Courtney at a local park.  After an hour of blood, sweat and tears ~I was impressed.  Her class was hard but not to the point of no return.   She was upbeat and supportive without being too pushy.  And I saw results.   Her classes grew too big for the park so we took them to her driveway of her home in Santa Paula.  By this time, there were several classes a week with each having at least 20 women in attendance.   Women weren’t dropping like flies, as I had seen in other fitness classes~ they were more like flies attracted to…well you know, what I’m saying.  This year has been huge for Courtney~she opened her studio in the spring, got married and is now training several hundred women.  I am so thankful she took time out from her business, husband and two children to let us in on how she does it.

When did you start Fit N Fine Fitness?

**I opened the doors to Fit N’ Fine Fitness on March 14, 2011 …

What inspired you to start your business?

**Well… I never had a plan of opening my own business, it kind of just happened!! I decided to leave my job at Gold’s Gym of Oxnard and be a Stay @ Home Mommy. I did need some income to pay my car payment and to buy groceries, so in 2010 I decided to start training a few groups around Santa Paula; groups of Friends, 5-7 at a time. I loved it! I realized that this was my niche! Throughout the year my groups of 5-7 slowly started to grow to 10-12, the 15-17, then before I knew it, I had 25 girls at a time training outside my house in my driveway! It was obvious that what I was doing WORKS, and it wasn’t gonna slow down anytime soon!!! I found a location on Main St that, at the time, I thought was plenty big enough to train my 100-110 girls. Now, just 4 1/2 months later I have well over 400 women in the Fit N’ Fine Family and have out-grown my space! It’s just AMAZING what has happened..I never expected this!

What are your plans for the future of Fit N’ Fine?

** I am currently looking for a bigger location and plan to offer spinning, Pilates, salsa dancing, and -YES- it will continue to remain Women Only  🙂:) I don’t know exactly How Big it could be? This, right now, was more than I ever expected! We’ll see… I plan to remain a steady part of my business, plan on continuing to make Fitness FUN, and to make sure every woman who joins gets RESULTS!!!!

What does a typical day look like for you?

** Ha!!!! BUSY!!! 🙂:)
Today… woke up at 6:45am, trained a group at 8am, and at 930am.  I rushed my kiddos to swimming in Ventura by 10:45am… dropped tanks, sweaters, bags and pants off to be printed, and am now answering these questions to all of you 🙂:) I will make my kiddos lunch when I’m done with this, take them on a short hike, then go to Vons for some groceries… I will pick up some printed clothing at 3:15, be back at the studio by 3:30 to train at 4pm, 530pm, and 7pm… Yeah, that’s just today, everyday is a little different, but all-in-all, BUSY 🙂:)

What is one piece of advice for the women out there that, you would like to share?

**Life, Business, Family It’s all Can and Will work if you stay Organized, and can manage to balance it out daily!!!…. I live by my organizer/calendar … My Children, Husband, Family, and Clients are all happy, so it must be working! 😉;)

If you could trade shoes with anyone for a day who would it be?

**Honestly… I love my life… I can’t think of anyone

Thanks, Courtney! Fit N’ Fine Fitness is located at:

939 Main St Santa Paula, CA 93060;  Find them on Facebook  here


One response to “Courtney Nelson of Fit N’ Fine Fitness

  1. Courtney is amazing! I do not like to workout but she makesexercising fun…i have been going for 6 weeks and have lost 10 inches . I would recommed her to anyone that asked me.

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