Flashback Friday~Warrant

courtesy of inlandsocal.com

Yesterday, on MTV’s news feed via Facebook, I saw the video to Warrant’s “Cherry Pie”.  I instinctively posted it on my friend’s wall.  About 20 years ago, that song was the background to many, youthful memories.  Well, you can imagine my shock when I woke to news that the lead singer of one of my favorite bands from the 90’s had passed.  Jani Lane was only 47 and just 20 years ago, was one of the kings of the Sunset Strip music scene.  As young, women perusing the strip in the early 90’s it was not out of the ordinary to catch a glimpse of Jani and his then-girlfriend/wife, Bobbi Brown out club hopping.  They were the “it” couple around Hollywood.  Jani had a distinctive voice and you couldn’t help but feel good when you listened to a tune like “Down Boys” or  be touched by more serious songs like~ “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and “I Saw Red”.

Jani, you made an impact on my youth and for that I hope you have finally found your “Heaven”.

courtesy of sputnikmusic.com

courtesy of pimpmyspace.com


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