The Botox Experiement

As some of you know, I am saying goodbye to my 30’s this weekend.  They have been great but it’s time to move on to bigger and better things, right?  I am very thankful to be healthy and alive.  But, as I’ve said before~being a woman and aging are not easy. A few weeks ago, my amazing hairdresser, Jannae Ethier from Michael Kelly Salon and Spa was kind enough to inform me about an event they were hosting-that just so happened to take place the week before my 40th bday.  25 units of FREE Botox were being offered to those Botox virgins or in my case, those that hadn’t had it in a few years!  I wasn’t sure how much 25 units of Botox would cover or if there was a catch to this event, but because I love and trust Jannae with my most prized physical feature(my hair) and the fact the timing could not have been better, I signed up.  I had dabbled in Botox years ago and wasn’t too impressed with the results(maybe because I didn’t really “need” it at the time).

I walked into MK’s dayspa and was greeted by an exotically, beautiful woman who handed me a clipboard and a pen.  I answered all the typical questions-address, allergies, are you pregnant.  Once, I was done Dr. Gorodisky from Channel Islands Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery appeared and went over some details of the procedure.  It is virtually painless, it is the #1 cosmetic procedure in the U.S. and the results last 4-6 months.  After a few crackers and cheese, I was called back to the exam room where he answered more questions and explained he would be injecting me in my forehead only.  I told him, I was interested in minimizing my laugh lines(around my eyes).  He explained an additional 25 units would be all I needed to cover that at $10/per unit.  That sounded great, but I decided to stay with my free treatment and wait to see how that worked, before booking my next one.  He made about 10 injections in my forehead and I was out of there within 5 mins.  There was no pain and I can’t wait to see the results in 5-10 days.  I will let you know, what I think. And I may even post a before and after picture, too.

Do you get Botox or any other easy cosmetic procedure? What are your thoughts?

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2 responses to “The Botox Experiement

  1. Had it in the past-need it-want it-but choosing to spend disposable income on other things right now-but yeah-loved it for the glabella region (Inbetween eyes above eyebrows). The plastic surgeon I used said if you are going to do it only do it there-not my the mouth. I think Juvederm is better for that?? Happy early birthday! Our bodies might be changing after 40, but all my friends over 40 are fabulous-so welcome to the club lady!

  2. Yes, I believe Botox is eyes and above, otherwise we won’t be able to smile! Thank you for the birthday wishes. Have a great weekend 🙂

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