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A Flash of Fall

the candle holder broke on this so I covered it in fall foliage

With moving, back to school and two three birthday parties(including my surprise party) marking the month of September, October arrived in the blink of a witch’s eye.  I know I am not alone in proclaiming my love for this time of year. We pulled out the decorations Friday night and just about finished up when Sunday morning football greeted us.

Here are a few of my favorite, current decorations.  Traditionally, we add a new piece or so to our collection each year and I’ve decided to go bird hunting this time around.  I’m looking for black, sparkly, ravens(think Edgar Allan Poe meets Martha Stewart).

fall bouquet from the hubby

love how this candle holder from a year ago is aging

happy jack!

this year's collection at Cost Plus is inspired by vintage halloween postcards


High Low

Without a doubt, my favorite daily routine is our family dinner. I look forward to preparing the meal and decompressing after my day.  I also find it rewarding, the family gathered around the table enjoying what I’ve just created. We have a meal-time ritual that I actually stole from a movie I watched well, over ten years ago(The Story of Us).  High Low is when we go around the table and each person gives their “high(best part) of their day and Low(worst part).   It gets the conversation flowing.  Sometimes, your child may even say, they don’t have a low.  That puts a smile on my face every time.

Making and Appreciating Family Memories

{an eve of bocce ball may/11}



To settle in after dinner last night, I decided to pull out some old, home videos.  We started in 2003(when we only had 3 kids ages 2-9) and after 2 hours finished up in 2007(with 4 kids 1-13). Between the scenes of school plays, temper tantrums, snowball fights and holiday gatherings, I think we all felt this was a great way to kick-off our summer.  We munched on Popcorn and M&M’s, while laughing at bad hair and baby voices.

As, I tucked everyone into bed, and we each giggled about our family movies, I couldn’t help but think we all felt quite bonded after our evening.  Personally, it reminded me of where we’ve been as a family and how much more we have to look forward to.  My advice, video tape as much as you can of your children, pets and home. And if you do so, on a smart phone~ be sure to back it up weekly. And most important~ make time to watch them!!!

Easter Fever~

{ attempting to make these Golden Eggs by Real Simple this year}

So, with Easter now four days away, I can officially say~ I am “scrambling”(no pun intended. No really…) to prep for the big day.  Though, we still aren’t certain if we are spending the afternoon at the harbor or a friend’s backyard egg hunt~or if we are eating in or going out for Easter dinner.  One thing is for sure, that my kids will wake up to hunt for their Easter Baskets.  And here are a few ideas of what they may find Sunday morning…


Dye white frosting and coconut flakes green.  Then top each cake with pipe cleaner handles and candy eggs.


Wrap orange jelly beans in a baggy, tie with green ribbon and stuff into waffle cones.

**baskets and carrots from Sandra Lee; Semi Homemade

Year of the Peacock~

{I'm sure this plate, would make anything taste beautiful}

I’ve been intrigued by Peacocks, as long as I can remember. Their feathers are magical and their calls are haunting.  As of late, these birds have been popping up on everything from clothing to jewelry.   Just recently actress, Rachel Bilson designed a collection of dinnerware inspired by Peacocks for Macy’s.  Each piece of  “Edie Rose” is reasonably priced at $12 to $67.  And since our set of dishes has just started chipping after a short 7 years of use, I think I may just find myself at Macy’s this weekend. 

{I think the entire set is "calling" my name}

{My favorite hue~}

{These would look adorable just about anywhere}


Weekend Summary~

{resting up after playtime on the beach and before the big game}

{Roman’s 5th Birthday party was a hit!}

Our weather in So Cal has been less than boring, lately. This weekend was no exception.  In an attempt to organize my closet(again), I found myself purging my warm weather items with my Winter wardrobe.  Last week, started out chilly but by Sunday, we found ourselves at the beach with Roman, Jasper and our newest family member, Lila(named after a girl in Roman’s class).

{this should be in Blu Dress later in the week}

{on another quest to organize my closet, I came across these amazing hangers at Target. Now all my off the shoulder styles, will stay put.}

Happy Mondays

{never knew what my favorite Sees chocolates were called}

Last week, seemed to fly by.  I’m not sure if it was because my eldest daughter left for her trip to the east coast or the fact my holiday shopping is far from complete.  In any event, these three things were all surprises and added that extra special touch to an otherwise hectic week. 

{our cute little Blu Dress Tree}

{surprise Christmas arrangement from the hubby}

A Winter Weekend

{tall trees, utah}

It’s the weekend, again and I am completely content to be home on a Friday night.  I spent the evening in Carpenteria at Lola Boutique. It’s a cozy, little shop just off Carp Ave with a bevy of riches inside. We came home, lit a fire, watched Enchanted and sipped mint cocoa.  Tomorrow, our BD Teen Council will make another appearance at a fashion show, hosted by the Soroptomists of Santa Paula.  And on Sunday, I look forward to taking my daughters to a Holiday Tea at The Glen Tavern Inn. Hope you enjoy your weekend, as well.

Ps. Here are links, to some things that made me smile, this first week of December..

Frank Napkins
Beautiful Baubles
Lil Bee

Pretty Storage

(My bff, Heather gave me these 2 Dragonfly hooks, where I display my necklaces)

Ever since I can remember, I have enjoyed organizing, decorating, and finding new uses for old items.  As my jewelry collection grew, so did my creativity on how to store it.   The old adage, “out of sight out of mind” is one I could relate to when it came to my accessories.  So, I decided to pull the majority of my baubles out of my jewelry box and store them where I could see them. 

I still store my earrings and rings in this beautiful wooden jewelry box.

I keep all my bracelets in this old basket that was my mother’s.

Warming Up To Fall

(Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart)


Though the calendar clearly reads November, it has felt like June here for the past week.  I got a jump on my fall wardrobe back in August and still have yet to wear my vintage sequined blazer or Cole Haan Boots.  The pretty, well- endowed weather girl promises “rain is on it’s way along with cooler temperatures!”, But I won’t hold my breath or pull out my Dav Rain Boots just yet.

In the meantime, I am packing away the Halloween Decorations and pulling out the Fall ones.  Here are a few ideas to make your home feel more like fall and less like summer.

1.) Scoop up any left-over pumpkins from Halloween and  spray paint them in a metallic color to ease into Fall Decor – think coppers, bronzes.

2.) Bring the outside in.  This Sunday, I plan on a walk with the kiddos to collect leaves, pine cones and acorns  Again, keep that metallic spray paint handy to jazz up your natural treasures.

3.) Usually, with the change in seasons, Target stocks a festive throw blanket. They are priced well and make a cozy and decorative addition to your sofa.

4.) Every November,  I purchase a Cinnamon Witches Broom from our local Albertsons. I store it in the plastic and  open it partially each week.  I keep it right inside the front door to greet guests with a scent of Fall.

5.) String up leaves you’ve collected from outside along your fireplace mantle or scatter them freely across the top of your fireplace.

Fingers crossed that the weather has cooled by my next post.