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Running in Pairs


Last week, I was reintroduced to an old friend.  I hadn’t run in nearly 6 months.  And with the hustle and bustle of Fall, I had no immediate plans to revisit my running routine.  Running was something I had always done solo.  Away from the kids; just me and my thoughts.  It was an escape of sorts.  That is until Hanah asked me to join her.  My 17 yr old daughter is a Senior this year.  And any time she chooses to spend with me- I am there.  I will even be joining her on a field trip next week.  A far cry from our first trip to the Pumpkin Patch when she was 5.  We will be attending UCSB for a team building ropes course~ complete with zip lining and wall climbing.

Running with Hanah is therapy.  We run after the sun sets, so we can enjoy the coolness of the evening and Halloween Lights.  We talk about the day’s events, we laugh when we have to dodge the same pick up truck’s huge, trailer hitch, and squeal when we hear a critter in the bushes.  She’s faster than me(when did that happen?) and I find myself struggling to keep up.   Last night, as we were finishing, the sprinklers came on at a nearby house, we ran in unison through them almost as if it were a synchronized dance.

I am thankful she has chosen me to spend this time with her.  Next October – she will be away at college.  It’s our last Fall together as mother and little girl.  But, I find solace in that, even though Hanah runs a few steps ahead of me now~she will always stop and wait for her mommy.

Sunshine Smiles on a Rainy Morning

*photo from pinterest

As I drove my children to school today, I couldn’t help but be reminded of my precious cargo.  With the wet weather and usual idiots driving as if we are contenders for the Indy 500, I thought~ My life is in this car people!!!

I dropped H and J off at their school and with that, my step daughter jumped from the back to the front seat.  I enjoy this time of day with her.  This is our time.  I let her control the radio station.  She likes Coffee House on XM.  The gentle acoustic music makes a nice background for our chats.  Today, we talked high school, college and careers.  C wants to attend Foothill(if they have a water polo team) then off to college in Hawaii. She wants to become a hairdresser or a police woman.  I told her she could do both.  She asked what I wanted to be when I was little.  A quick smile appeared on my mouth(maybe a bit Chesire cat-like), as I thought back to the 11-year-old me~ a writer and ballerina, I answered.  As we went on discussing jobs, C was surprised to learn, I was a fitness trainer for a few years.  I heard excitement in her voice as she asked me questions about it.  I think she was actually impressed – which again made me smile.  I pulled up to school and as she and her little brother exited the shelter of my warm car and ran out into the wet world, I thought to myself how lucky I am to watch this inquisitive girl grow.  She has an actual interest in me as a person.  Something I think biological children may take for granted.  I watched, as she grabbed Roman’s hand and they headed towards the adventures that await them.  And then I smiled, one more time and thanked her silently for starting off an otherwise dreary morning with a few rays of her personal sunshine.

Peony Pink…

Each week, when Roman and I go to Trader Joe’s, the first thing we do is stop and take in the beauty of all the colorful flowers in the entrance of the store.  Roman loves picking out fresh flowers for our home.  It’s fast becoming a ritual of sorts; one that I treasure.  Last week, he chose a bubble-gum pink bunch of Peonies that we placed in the entry-way.  And I think they are the perfect “summer greeting” to all who walk through the door!

Glimpses of the holiday weekend…

R waving to Daddy as he finishes up a surf session

The Push ’em Pull ’emParade downtown

Impressed by this woman unicycle rider!

I made these chocolate covered pretzels for my friend’s birthday yesterday.  I wanted sprinkles in red, white and blue…but no luck!

Hello Summer…Goodbye to Another School Year

I find myself with mixed emotions at this time each year. While, I am happy to welcome the lazy days of summer~ I also feel a bit of sadness, that my children have completed another year of school.  Don’t get me wrong~ I am very proud and excited for each of them and I don’t consider myself a “glass half empty” kinda gal.  But simply put~  I don’t want these days to end.

So, being the list-maker that I am~ here is one of a few things I am looking forward to enjoying with my four groms over the next two months.

1.) a break from yelling, “Bedtime!”

2.) water park conveniently located across the street

3.) jr lifeguards

4.) family trip to utah

5.) saving gas $$ by not driving to 3 different schools(yes!)

6.) camping at local beaches

7.) playing soccer & football in our street until the street lights actually come on!

8.) sun-kissed/messy faces

9.) home-made popsicles

10.) bare feet



**photo courtesy of deskko

Making and Appreciating Family Memories

{an eve of bocce ball may/11}



To settle in after dinner last night, I decided to pull out some old, home videos.  We started in 2003(when we only had 3 kids ages 2-9) and after 2 hours finished up in 2007(with 4 kids 1-13). Between the scenes of school plays, temper tantrums, snowball fights and holiday gatherings, I think we all felt this was a great way to kick-off our summer.  We munched on Popcorn and M&M’s, while laughing at bad hair and baby voices.

As, I tucked everyone into bed, and we each giggled about our family movies, I couldn’t help but think we all felt quite bonded after our evening.  Personally, it reminded me of where we’ve been as a family and how much more we have to look forward to.  My advice, video tape as much as you can of your children, pets and home. And if you do so, on a smart phone~ be sure to back it up weekly. And most important~ make time to watch them!!!


Even though I was sick half of the week~I somehow still managed to accomplish the many tasks that were on my To-Do List.  In addition to the normal, everyday things~such as tax prep, running a business, tending to 4 kids and keeping my house in order~ some pretty, big decisions had to be made.  I had to decide whether  or not to keep Blu Dress in Santa Paula open.  It has been a year and I feel I have really accomplished so many things. I’ve met some amazing people and worked in an industry, I have always dreamed of.  But trying to balance a home and family and run a business in a different city~ prooves overwhelming.  So, I have decided to close the store-front down.  However, I am going to turn it into an online~boutique(with a twist). I am very excited to be able to work from home and still be involved in this business.  

Needless to say~I am so looking forward to a weekend filled with sunshine,  kid’s sporting events and maybe an old John Hughs movie . It has been awhile, since all 6 of us have spent a weekend together and I think I will feel I’ve accomplished much more after its end.

Merry Un-Christmas


As told by Lewis Carrol, an Un-Birthday is a birthday that can be celebrated 364 days of the year.  Since my two oldest children will be out-of-town for the first time over the 25th, I have decided to adopt this same sense about Christmas. I could have easily been consumed with sadness, dwelling on the fact they would be  absent on Christmas Day. But instead, we will enjoy a few Merry Un-Christmases this season!

Elf on a Shelf, A Holiday Tradition

{He found Scout hitching a ride in Santa's sleigh this morning}

Our elf’s name is Scout Crayola Gilgemesh, he came to live with us in November of 2007.   And each year thereafter, he appears the day after Thanksgiving.  His job in our home is to listen to Christmas wishes and take note for Santa of all that we say and do. Each night, he flies back to the North Pole and reports to the “Big Guy”.  Scout returns before we wake the next day and perches himself in a new location.  The kids love to jump out of bed and be the first to find our special friend.   There is only one rule to follow: we must not touch him or his magic will go.   Scout heads back to The North Pole on Christmas Eve for the rest of the year. We hate to see him go but take comfort in knowing, he will be back at holiday time next year.

Our Own Eden


We are heading out to our piece of heaven, for the holiday.  It will be somewhat bittersweet this trip, as only half of our family will be in tow.  There really is no other way to explain it, but I feel as if I’m leaving half of my heart behind.  Sharing the holidays is one of  the many draw backs to a blended family.  I will try and look on the bright side and take this time to  relish, having my husband and little one all to myself .  Roman will get our undivided attention and the travel and house will be less hectic than the norm.   On these trips, we usually “re group”.   There is just something magical about the scenery and being in the soft embrace of a slower lifestyle.  Upon our return, I feel refreshed with a new zest for my life. 

I anticipate cooking in the open kitchen, while viewing the frozen lake and snow-capped mountains, cuddling in our bed made out of logs,  I will be reading a lot, and plan to take up an old hobby this trip – knitting.  Cali inspired me last week, when she came home from her mom’s with a ton of yarn and a crocheting needle.  It reminded me how my mom and I used to knit together, when I was a child.