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Voodoo Couture Vintage’s Robyn Hove

Ever since I can remember I have loved all things “old”.  As a child, my room was draped in antique linens and pictures and I spent my time watching old movies and then raiding my mother’s closet for anything that resembled the female character’s wardrobe.

I met Robyn Hove at a charity fashion show last year.  I had heard of her company~ Voodoo Couture Vintage around town and was excited to finally meet her.  If you are looking for something truly, special Robyn is the gal to contact.  This Summer I had two events coming up~ A daytime wedding and an evening birthday dinner in Santa Barbara.  I contacted Robyn, one foggy morning and later that day found myself trying on a multitude of colorful dresses from the 60’s and 70’s in her home.  I loved the fact, she was there and was more than helpful with what would work on my frame and with my coloring.  I ended up falling in love with a pastel floral piece that stood out with butterfly sleeves(wore this to the wedding) and a soft yellow YSL-inspired pleated dress for the birthday dinner.  What I adore about vintage is, (1.)these purchases are long-term.  They will be with me until I can’t fit into them any longer.  (2.)They are unique(sorry~H&M, Forever21) and I won’t fear running into anyone in my dress and lastly, (3.) they have a history.  Let’s find out more about Robyn and how she is making a business out of her passion. 

Where did you come up with the name Voodoo Couture Vintage?

I thought voodoo sounded kinda old & cool and mysterious, couture means sewing

When and what was your inspiration to start your business?

I am a former antique dealer, and I have loved vintage things ever since I can remember. I had to give that up to take care of my mom when she got Alzheimer’s disease. She eventually went into a nursing facility. I have a friend named Tanah who sold vintage clothing at expo’s and shows. She got me interested in vintage clothing. I bought a few pieces at garage sales & listed them on Ebay. They sold and I was hooked!! Soon I shopping for vintage clothing every weekend. I had to learn all the era’s and words for different types of clothing styles. (Still learning) lol! Been doing it for about 3 years, first year and a half getting my feet wet & now I’m obsessed! I don’t find much at garage sales these days so I have to travel to find it. All that to say I am inspired by the beauty and history of the clothes. The intricacy of the design and fine sewing of the older pieces. I’m inspired and enamored by who may have worn them and to where. I have to admit I get a little giddy when I find a special piece. I recently found a crochet skirt and the women told me it was from a flea market in England and was worn by Kate Moss back in the day before she was famous for a photo shoot. THAT inspired me! How exciting can you get. Anyway it was bought by a gentlemen in Paris. ( I never mentioned the story, who would have believed it anyway Ha) I’m inspired by the delicate nature of old silk and how some has held up so long. Also inspired by newer 60s, and 70s which covers so many styles…Hippie Boho, Jackie O and so on.
Did you have a shop at one time? Do you reinvent/re-design any of the pieces you find?
Well, I was inside a shop on Oak street. I had a large room call “Robyn’s Nest”- sounds corny to me now but at the time It was pretty popular. lol. I do some redesigning only if needed. If particular dresses are selling short , then I hem them. I pretty much keep up on what is selling on eBay on popular stores and try to apply what I learn.. I LOVE to repair things in a way that will never be detected or seen. I call them my “magic tricks”
Also getting stains out that may have been there forever is very rewarding for me. LOL. I’m so glad my Mom taught me some sewing skills when I was younger. I don’t know a lot but what I do know is invaluable.
Robyn, What is the next step for your business?
At this point I just want to keep getting my name out there and to continue to keep up with inventory and photo shoots. I want to get as much of a reputation as I can.

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