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Meatless Monday~ Grilled Cheese Sandwhiches


I’m a sucker for cheese~sliced, cubed, in pasta, on sandwiches-you name it, I’ll take it.  So come Meatless Mondays, it’s guaranteed we will have cheese with something.  I try to incorporate ingredients to make my cheese-filled dish as healthy as possible.  So, in my grilled cheese, I use a squash puree in some form(frozen, jarred). Oh, and don’t forget the tomato soup!


12 slices of a whole grain bread

2 cups shredded cheese(your choice~mix it up half cheddar, half pepper jack)

1 jar of baby food puree squash

1 tablespoon of butter/spread

dash of salt/pepper

olive oil for pan


Heat olive oil in pan on medium.  Meanwhile, mix cheese, puree, butter, salt and pepper in bowl. Spread mixture on bread and place in pan.  Cook about 4 mins per side.  Serve with tomato soup and a salad to make a meal.

**Makes 6 sandwiches

Blueberry Butter


The end of summer calls for anything with fruit. I stumbled across this simple but enticing recipe from Sandra Lee.  Using only 3 ingredients and no baking required, I just may make it a weekly staple in my house, long after summer is gone.


1/2 cup softened butter

3 tablespoons chopped blueberries

1 tablespoon of confectioner’s sugar


Beat the butter with blueberries and sugar using an electric mixer on low-speed, until blended.  Shape into a log and wrap in parchment paper.  Chill until firm.  Slice into individual servings and enjoy with crackers or breakfast breads.

Happy Meatless Monday, Everyone!  We are having Baked Ziti tonight but substituting the sausage for eggplant.  What about you?

Meatless Monday & Weekend Roundup

This was by far one of my favorite weekends of 2011. We started it off with a quiet late-night dinner at The Sidecar Friday night, then Saturday we met up with some old friends down at the beach and finished with a baby shower/family reunion of sorts on Sunday in OC.  It was the perfect balance for me~ couple time, girlfriend time and family time.  The sun made an appearance here and there but all the laughter and smiles made up for the otherwise, foggy weekend.

Saturday night I took this dish for Spinach Orzo to welcome home my friend Heather, who I hadn’t seen in a year.  It makes a great side dish or add a salad and some garlic bread to make it a meal.

How was your weekend?

Meatless Monday~ Why?

{asparagus and goat cheese pasta}

As you know, MM is a weekly staple in my home and blog.  Over the past 20 years, I have gone back and forth with Vegatarianism~taking a year off here and there.  Once, I discovered “Meatless Mondays“, I found it an easy commitment to make for myself and my family.  To some, it may sound difficult. But, it really is very simple.  Here are a few of the reasons, I like to limit our consumption of meat. Please click link to view more information on the subject.

1.) Eating less meat is better for our health
2.) The Environment
3.) Humane treatment of farm animals
And here is a sample menu of what I may serve on a MM:

Breakfast~French Toast and Fruit

Lunch~ PBJ or Nutella Sandwich, Fruit, Yogurt, Crackers

Dinner~Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce, Salad and Garlic Bread

I hope you found some insightful information today and may choose to jump on our Meatless Monday bandwagon.  Happy eating!

Meatless Monday~Teriyaki Tofu Pineapple~

Examples of high-protein foods are tofu, dairy...

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I can’t remember the exact day I decided to throw a few of my favorite ingredients together for a quick lunch ~ But,  I do know,  it came out wonderfully and I enjoy it almost each week now.  Also~ four out of six of us will eat it and that makes it taste that much better.  


1 Cup of Brown Rice(steamed)

Tablespoon or so of Cooking Oil

1 Pack of Firm Tofu

1 Garlic Clove(crushed)

1 Teaspoon of Jarred Ginger

2-3 Tablespoons Teriyaki Sauce

1/2  Can Pineapple (chunks)


Steam Rice.  Meanwhile, cut the tofu into 1-inch pieces and heat oil in pan.  Once, the oil is hot add the tofu chunks, garlic and ginger.  Cook about 5 mins then turn.  Cook 5-7 mins more until brown and firm. Add the teriyaki sauce and cook 1 minute more.  Remove from heat and add pineapple to taste.  Serve over rice.  Enjoy~

Meatless Monday~Chickenless Parmesan

I threw this meal together one night in pure desperation.  Now, it is one of our favorites.  The family still has no idea the “chicken” is actually a veggie patty disguised 😉   You can make this as healthy as you like, by making your own Marinara sauce filled with purees and wheat germ or flax-seed.  Or simply use a store-bought jar.


Boca Chickenless Patties

 1/2 – 1 pack of  Whole Wheat Spaghetti

A jar of Sauce(or make your own)

Parmesan Cheese


Place the pattys in a pan, per package directions.  Boil spaghetti, heat sauce.  When all is done you can add the parmesan cheese to the pattys and bake for about 5 min at 350.  Serve. It really couldn’t  be any easier.  Let me know how you like it 🙂

Meatless Monday ~


Since I’m an advocate for Meatless Mondays and a lot of my friends seem to ask me for recipes sans meat~I am going to post one each Monday, here.  I also believe Lent is quickly approaching~so, be sure to check back every Monday for a new recipe to experiment with, if you are giving up meat.  

Macaroni and Cheese has been a comfort food in my home forever.  No, I’m not talking about the Kraft kind.  Homemade is the only way to go.   This recipe from Jessica Seinfeld‘s first book and you can find it  here(remember you can substitute the purees for baby food, to save time).  Add some steamed broccoli and you have a pretty, healthy meal~that has made a difference not only to your health, but  the environment and maybe even your beliefs.