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A Flash of Fall

the candle holder broke on this so I covered it in fall foliage

With moving, back to school and two three birthday parties(including my surprise party) marking the month of September, October arrived in the blink of a witch’s eye.  I know I am not alone in proclaiming my love for this time of year. We pulled out the decorations Friday night and just about finished up when Sunday morning football greeted us.

Here are a few of my favorite, current decorations.  Traditionally, we add a new piece or so to our collection each year and I’ve decided to go bird hunting this time around.  I’m looking for black, sparkly, ravens(think Edgar Allan Poe meets Martha Stewart).

fall bouquet from the hubby

love how this candle holder from a year ago is aging

happy jack!

this year's collection at Cost Plus is inspired by vintage halloween postcards

Basics Worth Falling For~

*photo credit H&M

Autumn is quickly approaching and I have been making my mental list of a few, key pieces to mix with what I already own. Solid quality at a decent price is my motto. I try to shop locally and love vintage. I check in at our local boutiques first and to curb my addiction to all things unique,  I love Voodoo Couture Vintage’s website seen here .    I suggest making a note of the pieces below that appeal to you and follow my lead.  If you don’t have any luck, I have noted the shop where my inspiration items were found. 

1.) Faux snake-skin is the new leopard which was the new black.  Look for it in unexpected colors on shoes, dresses and bags. Banana Republic

2.) Metallic, Structured Bags add shimmer to an otherwise conservative background of fall neutrals.  LLBean.

3.) Dresses in Jade Green.  This is the color for fall going into winter and will make you stand out in the waves of LBDs.  Topshop

4.) Polka Dots are replacing stripes this season.  But be careful with going overboard.  You may want to keep it simple and add a polka-dotted scarf or just wear a blouse in this print.  Marc Jacob’s runway.

5.) Flared-Leg Trouser Jean.  I love my high-waisted pair by JBrand, I bought from Lauren at Vault Denim.  Top with a light-colored blouse and a thin, bright belt(like the one above). Nordstrom

6.)  I’ve always held a special place in my heart for ankle-strap heels.  They are so classically, feminine.  These by Chloe are extra-amazing due to that Lucite heel.

If you have any questions about any of the above or need help with shopping locally~please email me cheri@bludressboutique.com.

Bag Swag~

When I was younger, I changed out my purse about as often as I changed my toothbrush. Over the years, my hygiene habits evolved, as did my style. It wasn’t long before I noticed a good purse was the finishing touch to an outfit. Whether it is a bright yellow hobo bag added to an ensemble of neutrals or a vintage clutch covered in bright blue beads against a little black dress – a choice of purse makes an impact on the total look.

My collection takes up three narrow shelves of my closet. I keep larger bags on the low shelf, medium on the middle and evening clutches on the top. As you can probably see, I did change some of them around for the aesthetic appeal of the photograph.

When it comes to organizing my bag on the inside, it’s fairly simple. A few smaller bags(make-up even Ziplock) arranged just right inside a larger one can make things so much simpler when looking for a ringing cell phone or your car keys. I have separate bags for my make-up, cell phone and business cards, a zip lock to hold my preschooler’s small toys and crayons, and a bag for any “club cards and special coupons or store dollars. When I change a purse to match an outfit, it’s as simple as grabbing a few bags out of the old one and throwing them into the new one.

I would love to hear your ideas for keeping an organized bag.

Closet Organization

Now that school is a mere two weeks away from being back in session, mornings at my house are about to get a bit chaotic. Between the kids and myself there are 5 outfits to plan each day. Thank goodness my husband doesn’t ask me for help with his, too. That only happens when we have weekend plans.

Keeping an organized closet is key. Here in California we don’t have much of
a change in seasons, but I know for sure I won’t be wearing my snowboarding
jacket in June. I am lucky enough to have a teen-aged son who prefers to
store(shove) his clothes in his dresser. So, I keep all my seasonal clothing and
special occasion pieces(Holiday Wear, and such) in his closet.

Last night, I ran around the house throwing things in trash bags for donation today.  I am seriously, too embarrassed to tell you just how many bags are sitting on my driveway this morning awaiting pick up.  But in any event, it has kickstarted me to once again organize my closet.

You can either set aside a few hours to do this or tackle a bit each day. Either way, here are a few tips to get you started.

1.) Go through your closet and store seasonal items. Try to store them in
another closet or in under bed bins. Label

2.) Next pull out anything questionable you haven’t worn either because it
doesn’t fit well, it’s damaged or you just don’t love it as much as you used to.
Store these items in 2 other bins and label each, respectfully. You can choose to store these, have them repaired or donate.

3.) Now, you can sort the hanging items by color. I prefer darkest to
lightest. Hang the colors next to ones that compliment each other(blues next to
browns) and so on. This will help in putting outfits together.

4.) Organize tops jackets, sweaters, long sleeves to short/tank then skirts,
long to short, pants and so on.

5.) There are a few ways to organize shoes. Store in bins or shoe boxes or
straight on a shelf or shoe organizer. Either way, I store shoes by color and
style(dress down to casual) For example, black heels, grey heels, brown heels,
then flats, sandals, flip-flops and tennis shoes.

“Less is more” is my new motto and if I don’t love it~ I toss it or bless someone else with it!  I would love to hear your tips on how you organize your closet!